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Open the LINKA GO app and press "SCAN TO RIDE"

Scan the QR code on the bike to unlock it.

Keep the bike still while the LINKA smart lock unlocks. You will hear three beeps if it successful.

Remove the TetherSense© chain from the lock and place it in the pouch on the front of the bike.

Unplug the bike from the charger.

Turn on the bike, and ride!


Ride safe, and follow the rules of the road. Be courteous to other road and path users.

Power to the Pedal bikes are limited at 20 MPH.

Find more safe riding tips on our riding tips page.


Stopping for something away from home?

Wrap the TetherSense© chain around a bike rack, and feed the narrow end through the loop on the other end. Then, push the narrow end into the knob on the side of the smart lock.

Keep the bike still while the LINKA smart lock locks. The lock will beep once if it is successful.

To unlock, open the LINKA GO app and press the "UNLOCK" button. Remove the smart tether chain once it is finished and remember to store it in the pouch.


When you're finished riding, return the bike to the bike locker or room you started your ride at.

Plug the bike in using the charger to make sure it gets recharged for your neighbors.

Use the TetherSense© chain to secure the bike to the provided locking point.

Open the LINKA GO app, press the "LOCK" button, and then press "END RIDE"

How to use the TetherSense chain to lock your bike:

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